I'm Ingrid

Journalist and Copywriter with

25+ Years of Professional Experience

I'm a  Journalist/ Copywriter and Writing Coach. My business - Global Writing Connections - provides content for websites, magazines, newsletters, press releases, social media, etc.

I love to combine my work with my other passion: traveling the world in search of inspiring people, wonderful places, and beautiful stories.

I was born in the Netherlands and started my travels 3 years ago. Currently, I am in Vancouver, Canada. This photo was taken in Barcelona, Spain.


Because I work online all the time, I decided to start something new: One-on-One Coaching and Online Writing Courses for Female Entrepreneurs. I want to help and inspire women to write their own content. Content That Really Works!



You can find examples of my work as a journalist/copywriter on my website www.globalwritingconnections.com. I have also written a book about a famous Dutch singer, and stories and blogs about my travels (all in Dutch). 

My stories where published in books and magazines in the Netherlands

I published blog posts about my travels on my website www.traveling-housesitter.com