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In my 3-Day Online Writing Workshop, you will learn How to Write Content that Really Works. You will discover your anxieties about writing, you will find your Ideal Reader and your Writing Voice. With these specific writing techniques, you can improve your writing skills very quickly. 
In the 3-Day Online Writing Course, you will learn to get out of your head and write from the heart! You can use this technique to write personal blogs and stories (content marketing). When you write personal content your unique personality shines through and your readers will bond with you.
All modules include videos, practical assignments, and downloadable worksheets in pdf. Read a few testimonials from my students and Reserve Your Spot Now!

Sometimes you just need One-on-One Coaching to break through a particular roadblock or get unstuck around a specific topic. I offer intensive, personal guidance in all your writing projects. Please contact me if you want to have a 30-minute session for FREE!                                                                                                          


*You can pay for these services with PayPal. This includes paying with your credit card. 
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I recently had the opportunity to attend an online writing workshop with Ingrid Rompa. I signed up because I wanted to improve my content writing. I also wanted to ensure the content reflected my personality.

Over the next 3 days, I had writing exercises that were enjoyable and pushed me gently out of my comfort zone. The group experience of support was fantastic as well.

The day started with a video of Ingrid explaining the exercise. The entry into the workshop portal was easy. The instructions to the worksheets were explained well and pleasing to view. The writing exercises were not time-consuming, yet I was able to see my improvement.

Thank you, Ingrid I am looking forward to more of your course offerings in the future.

My experience with Ingrid’s 3-day writing course was fantastic. I loved that Ingrid was able to ask us the right questions and lead us to ideas and creativity. These questions helped me to draw a perfectly clear picture of my ideal client profile, and helped me to find my writing voice. I gained confidence in writing which I lost long ago.  Thank you so much Ingrid for imparting your knowledge. Just 3 days made a big difference, and I look forward to taking your full course one day!


"In only 3 days, you will shift your mindset about writing. In only 3 days Ingrid will give you so much value, and she will help you look at things so differently, you’ll be amazed. You will find your voice in a way like never before. Thank you, Ingrid!"

Ruby Ben, Fertility & Endo Coach

"Working with Ingrid in her 3-day Workshop was a pleasure. The assignments were thoughtfully designed to help people find their groove. Ingrid is warm and approachable – great assets for a teacher!"

Miera Rao, Etiquette Consultant, Top Form Academy

"I recently took Ingrid’s three-day Online Writing Workshop. I was particularly attracted to the promise of finding my ideal reader and my authentic writing voice when posting on social media. Her assignments stretched me beyond my fear of criticism and vulnerability. I now see that writing with my authentic voice will help draw to me my ideal reader. I don’t have to appeal to all readers. I want to appeal to the ones who want to hear what I have to say. This is incredibly liberating! Ingrid’s positivity, encouragement and big heart came through in her communications to us. I felt safe and encouraged to just be me."


I just finished Ingrid’s 3-day writing course and I absolutely loved it! By asking the right questions she helps you find your own writing voice and tackles common problems like insecurity about writing. This workshop taught me things I can really put to use in my current job and it helped me find what I actually like to write about!"

Ginny de Bruin